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ACCURAT is one of the few providers in the SMART Repair industry to be active in the route, platform and hail task force business.

Route business

Platform business

Hail task force business

Every case of damage has its own story, and therefore its own characteristics. ACCURAT quickly inspects the damaged vehicles, and immediately draws up a quote including quantity-based discounts, insofar as this has been agreed on. Our experts inspect the car on site, explain the necessary measures to you, and formulate a quote on this basis. The costing includes removing and replacing all damaged parts if required. Upon request, ACCURAT also co-operates with your insurance company/an external expert inspection company to ensure all damaged metal parts have been correctly quoted. The inspections must be conducted under optimum conditions in order to enable an accurate assessment.
A preliminary vehicle appraisal is mandatory, as the price is calculated based on the location, type and extent of the damage. Our nationwide network guarantees smooth organisation and comprehensive service for all SMART Repairs performed by our highly-qualified technicians, and each of our employees comes out to you quickly and flexibly.

An overview of your benefits from ACCURAT Automotive

  • Short workshop times/reduced repair time
  • Low repair costs, and cost savings of up to 80%
  • Less material usage
  • Environmentally friendly and ecological work methods and materials
  • Mobile service within 48 hours
  • Support for your team by our experienced specialists
  • Demonstrations of repair methods by our specialists
  • Free, easy transport for end customers thanks to workshop replacement cars, or free pick-up/drop-off service during repairs
  • Washing and interior cleaning for the repair vehicle
  • Direct management of insured damages with the respective insurer
  • Involvement of process participants via weblog platform for the duration of the repairs
  • 5-year warranty* for our work
  • Transparency through various IT applications
  • No incalculable cost risk
  • Our highly-qualified team constantly undergoes advanced training in Smart Repair solutions and innovations
  • Nationwide network of branches in over ... location
  • Competence through proximity to reputable car manufacturers and logistics providers
  • Sustainable CRM (Customer Relation Management) for our customers is important to us

*ACCURAT undergoes constant internal and external quality management by a quality testing institute in accordance with ISO 9001:2000. A written warranty geared around manufacturer warranties is issued for all repairs performed by ACCURAT.


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