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Wir suchen für unsere Niederlassung in Hannover

Produktionsmitarbeiter (m/w/d) für Hannover gesucht!



Industrie: Produktionshelfer, Industriemechaniker, Anlagenbediener


Helfer/in - Kunststoff, Kautschuk


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Wir die ACCURAT Gesellschaft für Personaldienstleistungen mbH

sind ein mittelständischer Personaldienstleister mit 36 Standorten in Deutschland.

Wir suchen für unseren Kunden in Hannover 10 Produktionsmitarbeiter (m/w/d).


  • Maschinenbestückung und - bedienung
  • Montage von Bauteilen
  • Sichtkontrolle und Sortieren von Ausschuss
  • Verpackung der Teile


  • Erfahrung in der Produktion wünschenswert 
  • Zuverlässigkeit und Belastbarkeit
  • Schichtbereitschaft
  • Gute Deutschkenntnisse

Das bieten wir Ihnen:

  • einen unbefristeten Arbeitsvertrag
  • eine angemessene Bezahlung auf Grundlage des Tarifvertrages Zeitarbeit BAP-DGB (in Absprache)
  • mind. 25 Tage bezahlten Urlaub
  • Urlaubs- und Weihnachtsgeld
  • Zuschläge für Überstunden, Nachtschicht, Sonntags- und Feiertagsarbeit
  • Unternehmens-Auszeichnung mit dem Focus-Gütesiegel als Top-Personaldienstleister 2017, 2018 und 2019
  • TÜV zertifiziertes Qualitätsmanagement nach ISO 9001:2008

ACCURAT Personaldienstleistungen

Arnswaldstr. 29, 30159 Hannover

Tel. 0511 51525120, Fax. 0511 51525129

Email Hannover@accurat.eu

Jobs for current and would-be employees

Our job database above contains all qualifications currently required by our various branches near you. Even if you don’t meet the criteria, you are still welcome to send ACCURAT a speculative application!
As soon as we receive your application, it will immediately be reviewed and compared with our customers’ criteria. If we find something matching your qualifications, we’ll contact you straight away to invite you to a brief meeting to get to know you at our office. Don’t be disheartened if we don’t contact you instantly! You’ll still be included in our pool of applicants, and employment opportunities often arise later on, which we will be sure to inform you about.

We believe it is important to offer all our employees a stimulating and harmonious work environment with a wide range of tasks, performance-based and attractive payment, and a high level of job satisfaction. In addition to general standards, such as payment in accordance with the rates stipulated by the Bundesarbeitgeberverband der Personaldienstleister e.V. (German employers’ association for recruitment agencies, BAP)*, at least 24 days’ leave (and even up to 30 days, depending on years of service), and a permanent employment contract with ACCURAT; we also offer you appropriate Christmas bonuses and holiday pay, flexibility thanks to a work time account and the opportunity to be taken on by one of our customers. A wide range of advanced training options are another key part of our service to you.
We constantly offer you a number of vocational and career opportunities, interesting and attractive jobs thanks to a growing client base, a sympathetic ear, and competent consulting. We always strive to help our employees achieve their professional goals, and give them the chance to shape their careers as they wish.

If you have any questions or require further information, feel free to contact us!


ACCURAT Gesellschaft für Personaldienstleistungen mbH
Zepernicker Chaussee 7
16321 Bernau

Telephone: +49 (0)30 847156 - 0
Facsimile: +49 (0)30 847156 - 79


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